Press Kit

About This Game

Flashing Shark is a fun and addictive mobile game where you guide a shark to eat healthy fish to keep alive while avoiding the poisoned ones.

The more fish you eat in a row, the stronger your shark becomes, increasing its speed. The ultimate goal is to evolve your shark to its final form. Each green fish you eat gives you points, and your score determines how fast your shark swims.

With a simple command and challenging gameplay, Flashing Shark is the perfect game for hyper-casual gamers looking for a quick and exciting challenge.


Made by Fabiano Shark with Unity, this game was a dream come true.

The art concept was created by Robert Brooks.



One command: touch to jump.

Data Collection and Use

Our app does not collect any personal information from players. The only information it accesses is related to Google Play Services, in order to unlock achievements and save scores on the leaderboard.

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