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About This Game

Dive into the depths of the ocean in Black Submarine, an intriguing puzzle point-and-click game that combines strategy and resource management.

Controlling a small submarine, you must navigate through a dark and mysterious underwater world, guided by the sinister soundtrack that sets the rhythm for the challenges ahead.

Gameplay Mechanics:

Intuitive Controls: Use the mouse to direct the submarine's movement and click to interact with the underwater environment.

Strategic Puzzles: Face complex puzzles that require careful thought and planning where patience is a virtue.

Resource Management: Keep a close eye on your limited resources, such as oxygen, energy, and submarine repairs. Plan each move meticulously to ensure survival in the deep.

Immersive Exploration: Navigate through fascinating underwater environments and uncover hidden secrets. Avoid dangers and hostile sea creatures lurking in the shadows.

Tense Atmosphere: The sinister instrumental soundtrack creates an atmosphere of suspense and mystery, enhancing the experience of exploration and puzzle-solving.

The art concept was created by Robert Brooks.



Point and Click

Data Collection and Use

Our app does not collect any personal information from players. The only information it accesses is related to Google Play Services, in order to unlock achievements and save scores on the leaderboard.

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